5 Super Foods Your Kids Should Eat

Kids are developing their bodies. As they grow, they should be given the right nutrients in order to be healthy and strong as an adult, even to their senior years. Thus, dietary needs of children are different from that of adults. If adults need them, children need them more. Also, it is better to train the children to eat healthy foods as early as they can eat so that they will be used to them as they grow up. Those who think otherwise reach the point when they can no longer let them because the resistance from the kids are greater than the will power of the parents to feed them right. As those kids grow into adulthood, the more it is difficult for them to change the habit. It will usually take a debilitating ailment before they change their minds, but then, it is usually too late. Besides, being used to natural healthy lifestyle, there is no need to take supplements which can still harm the liver and kidneys because they are synthetic.

Sweet potato, especially the purple kind

The purple sweet potato is not only a good source of carbohydrates but it has also vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber, fat, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Its anthocyanin acts as an antioxidant that allows blood to flow smoothly. Its beta-carotene prevents various heart diseases. The fiber and pectin prevents hemorrhoids, constipation and colon cancer. It is also antibacterial and it protects the liver. Its antibacterial and antioxidant activity is 2-3 times higher than that of several blueberry varieties.

Have you been trying to get your kids to eat healthier?

Have you been trying to get your kids to eat healthier?

Beans are friendly to your colon

Beans are fibrous. Despite not being complete protein, its incompleteness is what gives the health benefits such as the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, the ability to improve blood glucose control for diabetics, reduce the risk of many types of cancers, and the ability to regulate colon function which prevents constipation and other bowel problems. To make it complete protein, eat with brown rice, nuts, wheat, corn or seeds.

Eggs keep your heart alive

Eggs have been one of the misunderstood natural foods. It turns out, eggs are great for the eyes because of the lutein and zeaxanthin, which are easier to get from eggs than from other sources. The risk of having cataracts is lowered. It is also the cheapest source of protein having 9 essential amino acids and 6 grams of high-quality protein. Contrary to popular belief, consuming eggs is not the reason why people have heart disease. In fact, it can prevent blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. It is a good source of choline which helps regulate the brain and nervous system and if you lack vitamin D, eggs will give you a natural supply.

Tuna is good for the brain

The omega-3 fatty acids help the cardiovascular system, lowering the triglyceride levels. Chances of sudden death or arrhythmia will be reduced. It is also protecting against macular degeneration and different types of cancer. Tuna eaters are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease because of the healthy blood supply to the brain. It boosts the mood, reduces the possibility of being obese due to metabolism stimulated, and improves insulin response.

Should kids eat the same food as their parents?

Should kids eat the same food as their parents?

Dark green and deep orange vegetablesare sources of micro nutrients

Vegetables are a great source of micro nutrients. It means the body can readily absorb them. Choosing dark green and deep orange vegetables are like getting the best of the best supply of vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber and a lot more other nutrients which supplements cannot supply enough.


Supplying the healthy foods to a human being starts as early as the kid can eat solid foods. Make the child get used to such foods so that when he/he grows up, he/she will not depart from it.

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Essential Elements in Finding the Right Financial Planner

Going with a certified financial planner (CFP) is a sign of a credible deal. A CFP has financial education, passed the rigorous test on personal finance specifics, and is licensed as such. CFPs are committed to continuing education and classes on ethics to uphold their designation. However, even this most significant credential is not a guarantee as even exam passers may come out short of competitive skills.

The Fundamentals of Getting the Right CFP Revealed

As a start, ask colleagues for a successful experience with a CFP and verify with pertinent associations for more leads.

  • Look into the pay structure. The best fit for a starter with few assets and fairly simple needs is a CFP who charges who charges hourly. Typically, he is careful in getting the finances right in order to build his practice and likewise rely on recommendations for business growth. Experienced advisers doing hourly work enjoy assisting young clients who cannot pay more. Commission-based planner may lead you in a direction more favorable to him like pushing mutual funds where he gets a cut. Fee-based advisers do best but are not always perfect. They may conceal advantages over real property acquisition or investment liquidation only to keep up with their percentage earnings.

Finding The Right Financial Planner – What Do You Look For?

Finding The Right Financial Planner – What Do You Look For?

  • Go for a fiduciary CFP. Go over the code of ethics adhered to by the CFP. The best interest of a client is a pledge by a fiduciary CFP rather than just the sustainability standard. This less standard service merely sells what is suitable rather than what is ideal.

  • Do abackground check. Veer away if the CFP has been a crime convict or simply subjected to investigation by any regulatory body even if not found guilty. Ask for at least three client references matching your goals and financial status.

  • Ensure current credentials. Access the internet for information on the discipline records and the administrator of the designation. Contact him for verification of the validity of the credential.

  • Watch out for market-beating claims. Only few people outperform the market and most likely, the CFP you are confronted with is not. Walk away if he makes such guarantee. He definitely is willing to risk what you will not.

Red Flags to Avoid in Hiring a CFP

Determining whether a planner is reputable is difficult than finding out whether he is not.

  • He is not certified. Many good planners are not certified but there is nothing better than working with a CFP.

  • He is not charging any fee. Commission-based planners claim free service but you are actually paying through commissions on investments they choose.

right financial planner, who can offer advice on topics

right financial planner, who can offer advice on topics

  • He claims the ability to outperform the market. Some apt managers are apt to get investment returns better than market average but they are rare. The pursuit of high returns is a guarantee of a high risk.

  • He does not care about your financial goals. Monetary issues are personal and your adviser must first understand your priorities.

  • His style of management make you feel uncomfortable. Financial planning is about the CFP managing with you rather than managing for you. You decide his limits and any distress must be brought up immediately.

Analyzing the Need for a Financial Planner

Money management may be done alone as you would a simple car repair. The brilliant idea of doing things yourself is simply a flawed pursuit to several people in terms of time and effort. In fact, it takes enormous research and long hours of learning to master personal finance.

As time goes by and you get old and hopefully, wealthier, financial options and goals get complex. This is when certified financial planners should play a role in savings, investment and money growth. They assist in undertaking financial goals from rendering a comprehensive view of your finances to preparing you for a real estate purchase to interplay of assets. There is a specialist for you whether it is a plan for retirement, estate, or a range of economic issues.

CFPs instill discipline in strategies and presses for necessary moves. Procrastinating costs a lot of money in the end and discards unrealized potential that it pays having someone staying beside you.

Personal finance advices, establishing a comfortable retirement, saving for a child’s college, or choosing right mortgage helping you manage your money is well worth one percent of your assets for the year.

A right certified planner for you goes more than investments and promises good advices across arrays of finance matters rather than a promise of beating the market. They get to the inside of your portfolio and takes interest in your willingness to take the risk, your time perspective, and your goals. A planner of reputation and worth of trust is not an easy choice but is certainly a great part of financial management. Choose wisely.

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What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund Money?


Did you say you have just received your tax refund money? Well, you should be a happy person. What on earth do you plan to do with the money? Most of those who receive tax refund spend it foolishly by taking lavish vacations. Making such decisions is no wrong but that should not take the first priority. In fact, there are plenty of better things that we can do with the money. Regardless of whether the money is from a lottery or a tax refund, you should always bear in mind that spending the money wisely will add up to our financial stability.

How best can you invest your tax refund money?

1. Start a business

Starting or expanding an existing business is a form of investment. If you have always thought of starting a business, it is important to consider using the tax refund money as the seed money. This is because you will have all the time to manage the business until it is grown before you can be told to repay. In other words, you need not worry about repaying the start-up capital because the capital has been supplied by you -the owner.

BYE-BYE baby bonus

BYE-BYE baby bonus

2. Buy savings bonds

You can also buy savings bonds using your tax refund money. With time, the amount of return that you will earn will double.

3. Get closer to your retirement goals

It is good to plan for our future. Take some of all of your refunds and direct it towards your own retirement goals. After all, we should all understand that our retirement is an ultimate financial goal. On the other hand, if you have never thought of setting up a retirement plan, it is never too early to get started. In fact, the earlier the better and therefore this is the right time to inquire about profitable investment vehicles.

4. Build up an emergency fund.

Most of us wind up in debts simply because we do not have emergency funds. Without an emergency fund, we are most likely to find ourselves in situations that we have never planned for. It is always good to get prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by setting up emergency funds. This will ensure that we do not strain ourselves by going for remedies like loans.

What will you do with your Tax Refund?

What will you do with your Tax Refund?

5. Check the status of your debt.

Life is full of challenges and in most cases; we are tempted to borrow money. Honestly, all of us have some form of debts. Having received the tax refund, it is a high time to consider the status of the debt. See if you can settle some of the debts. Sometimes, it pays to settle debts in time because we will evade costs like penalties and interests. By settling debts in time, we will be headed straight towards achieving our financial goals.

In conclusion, it should always be remembered that tax refunds is a form of earning that should be spent wisely. Even though it is earned without putting much effort, it does not mean it should be spent lavishly. We should always set our priorities right.

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