Lines That Cam Girls Hate Hearing and How to Spice Them Up

“Stop flirting with me”

Talking to cam girls can often be a little bit mystifying, especially if you’re new to the cam site scene. It’s nothing like approaching the girls that you want to hook up with in bars and clubs, or at least it doesn’t seem like it is. It’s not like approaching a cute girl in a coffee shop or a bookstore, either. The main difference is that you’re talking to a woman who’s fully willing and even expecting to take her clothes off for you in exchange for money. If you’ve never spent that much time in gentlemen’s clubs, then it can be a bit confusing to try and figure out how you should be interacting with cam girls. Even reading plenty of amateur sex cam site reviews might not really tell you how you should be interacting with cam girls properly, and it’s not exactly comforting to realize that you might not be sure how to get a cam girl’s attention. However, it’s usually really not that hard – you just have to learn not to try too hard.

On that note, there are quite a few lines you may be tempted to bust out with cam girls that they really hate. If you use these lines on cam girls, then chances are that they are not going to be happy with you. You don’t want to lose your chances with a cam girl just because you used a line that she didn’t like. That’s why we’re here to help. These are some examples of the types of lines that cam girls hate hearing, and how you can spice them up and change them around to make them acceptable.

“You Look Just Like…”

“One more word and I’ll lose my temper”

Telling a cam girl that she looks just like a celebrity or model might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s important to realize that most cam girls do not appreciate this type of compliment. Telling her that she looks just like someone you know is also a very bad idea that could wind up losing you all of your chances with her. It seems flattering, but most cam girls do not want the attention to be taken off of her – and by comparing her to another woman, you’re doing exactly that. Plus, you never know what kind of ideas a cam girl might already have about whatever model or actors you’re comparing her to. You could wind up mentioning her least favorite person on the planet, and that’s obviously not going to gain you any points with her.

If you have to compare her to someone, it’s best not to name names. Still, it’s just not the best way to go about complimenting a cam girl. Tell her that she looks like she could be a movie star or a model if you must, but don’t tell her what model or movie star she reminds you of. She might appreciate it, but it is also highly possible that something you intended as a compliment winds up getting taken as an insult. That’s not exactly something you want to deal with, so try to stay away from these sorts of comments.

“You Come Here Often?”

“Why don’t you mind your own business?”

It seems harmless and cute to ask her this, but really, most cam girls are not going to like this type of comment. At best, she hears it all the time and she’ll roll her eyes and ignore it. At worst, she’ll actually take offense since she might feel like you’re judging how often she may be performing. Sound unbelievable? We know it does, but then again, we’ve been on cam sites plenty. It happens more often than you might think, and we’re quite sure that cam girls just do not like hearing this. It’s kind of along the lines of people saying things like “working hard, or hardly working?” or “I don’t see a price tag, so that means it’s free, right?” – While it sounds funny to you, just remember that she probably hears similar lines ALL the time. You don’t want to let all that time and effort you spent reading reviews of sex cam sites to go to waste just because you fed her a line that you thought was funny.

Instead of giving her a line like this, you may want to focus more on how often you use cam sites. You may want to tell her that you’re on cam sites quite often but you’ve never seen a cam girl as beautiful as her. It takes the negative focus off of her while complimenting her in a way that she might not hear as often as the other compliments you might have in store. It’s not a bad way to go about things.

“I Don’t Have Any Money, but I’d Really like It if You…”

“Then what are doing here without money?”

Cam girls depend on guys that can actually tip them, so if you come into her room and whine about how you don’t have any money and start begging for favorites, you can pretty much guess how she will react. She’s not going to really enjoy it if you tell her that you don’t have any money but you still want her to do your requests. Some cam girls are going to be okay with doing freebies, but not if you make it a big deal and talk about how you don’t have any money to spend on her.

Still, mentioning that you don’t have any money to spend on her is obviously not going to win any points with her. You should never tell a cam girl exactly how much money you have or don’t have, since you don’t want her to turn you away based on how much money you’re going to be spending on her. Try to keep your cards closer to your chest.

“If You Were Here with Me, I’d…”

“Don’t try to cross your limits”

It’s part of the fantasy, sure, but telling a cam girl what you would do to her if you were with her in person isn’t really as flattering as you might think. In fact, sometimes it can really border on the creepy line, and that’s not an area you want to tread with your cam girl – ever. She could wind up reporting you or asking you to leave, and then all the effort you put into reading reviews of webcam sex sites and finding the best cam girls is all wasted.

You should also avoid flipping it and telling her what you’d do to her if you were there with her. It might seem like a sexy fantasy to you, but some cam girls can really take offense to stuff like this. It’s a type of compliment you will want to stay away from entirely if you can help it. Still, if you must bring something like this up, try to focus less on where you’d be. Just tell her what you’d like to do to her if you were together, and don’t go into too much detail if she seems uncomfortable about it. You don’t want to wind up getting kicked out of her chat room because you creeped her out, so do be careful about what sorts of things you say to her, and how you say them. If you want to see real girls getting it on by pleasing you on the webcam, then check out Make sure that your chosen site lies in the list of popular sex cam sites listed over here.

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Why She Thinks It’s Cheating Even If You’re Not Having Sex

For a lot of women, the matter of having a cheating spouse is less dependent on whether or not you are actually sleeping with someone else, and more to do with how much time and energy you put into being around her versus being around them. For this reason, it can seem rather difficult to determine exactly what constitutes cheating and what is just hanging out with someone else. Obviously, if you met the other girl after a thorough comparison of cheater websites, the answer is pretty clear regardless of whether you ever had sex. Most of the time, however, it is not going to be that easy a task of differentiating to yourself let alone in her eyes.

There is Probably Some Kind of Emotional Attachment

“You need to show her that she matters to you more”

If you didn’t meet on a site like, chances are things are a bit fuzzy when it comes to levels of attachment and emotional involvement. If she thinks you are cheating on her with another women, consider why she might think that. Is it something you said or did? Do you often banter or flirt with someone else regardless of how often you typically do that anyway? What about time spent together? Seriously evaluating the last few weeks at least can be a clear indicator of where your current partner might be coming from. This isn’t necessarily to figure out how much time you have been spending with the woman she thinks you’re cheating with, but rather how much of your current partner’s time has gone down recently. She may just be reacting to a sudden loss or lessening of attention rather than the woman you’ve been hanging out with lately.

On the other hand, women are fairly perceptive to changes in emotion and disposition towards them and other people. If anyone is going to pick up on tone and body language queues between you and someone else, you can bet it’s going to be the woman you are currently involved with. While this might seem excessive, it’s actually something we all do unconsciously to everyone we interact with, and so not as farfetched as you might initially think. What she may be reacting to is a display of emotion or attachment you aren’t aware of yourself. So instead of immediately going on the defensive, take a moment to consider who you would be more likely to go to if you needed some comfort. If the answer is ever not your current partner, she may be on to something after all.

She Considers It a Betrayal of Trust

“Listen to her at least”

Primarily, she is more concerned with the trust she has placed in you than where your genitals have been lately. That is why sex is not a necessary thing for her to consider it cheating. If you have been telling your friend things you don’t want to tell your girlfriend or generally want to spend more time with a woman other than your wife, it could be a clear indication of placing your own trust elsewhere. You can expect her to notice when it’s not with her anymore. You can also expect her to react about the same as finding you on That is to say she’s going to be very hurt that you don’t trust her and feel like you have been leading her on and therefore breaking her trust in you by confiding in someone else.

Even just spending more time with someone other than her can be more than enough to set this off. She will have grown up on the expectation of her romantic relationship being the end all be all relationship of her life. Regardless of whether you agree with this, you can be sure that this is how most women treat their romantic relationships. Because of this, she’ll be more concerned about keeping it sacred to her than maintaining any other relationships that may have been in affect prior to her coming around. She is more likely to make time for you in her life, and you can bet that anything she does for what she views as your sake over her own is something she will expect reciprocation on. What all of this means is that if the sum of her efforts towards you is more than the sum of your efforts towards her, spending time with another woman is going to quickly put you in the same boat as drawing up a comparison of cheater websites would.

You Feel Just as Guilty About It

“Don’t let your guilt show”

One of the dead giveaways that something more is afoot is if you already feel guilty about spending time with another woman at the expense of your romantic entanglements. What we mean when we say this is that most of us know when we’re more interested in someone else than the person we are with, we’re just terrible at admitting it. That guilt you feel? That’s a sure sign that you know you are more attached than you should be and that it’s eating away at not only your time with your current partner, but the relationship itself. It quickly becomes something incidental rather than something special the moment you start preferring another’s presence to hers. The moment you start feeling guilty about that is the moment you need to step back and evaluate what you want from both relationships. Chances are you are more interested in one over the other and it’s not the romantic one you are currently in. You wouldn’t feel guilty if that wasn’t the case.

It Might be an Indication of Bigger Problems

“Find out the reasons for unhappiness in your relationship”

More to the point, just as bothering to look up a comparison of cheater websites indicates even a small interest in testing the waters elsewhere can be a sign of discontent, so too can wanting to spend time with someone else. Her reaction of feeling cheated on is a clear indication that she knows something isn’t going right or, at the very least, that you are looking for greener pastures. For that reason, trying to write off or completely dismiss her concerns is the patently worst thing you can possibly do if she feels slighted even though you haven’t been sleeping around. You need to take the bull by its horns on this and face her concerns head on.

This can be a positive over all if for no other reason than the simple fact that calling it cheating is generally a pretty accurate description of what’s actually going on, sex or know. If you have been spending time with another woman, it’s because you are interested in her in some way. If sex has not been involved until now, the only real ways left to consider are intellectually and emotionally. If you end up in the emotional side of things you very much are cheating the relationship you already have with someone else and need to evaluate when you started looking elsewhere for that sort of fulfillment and why. At the very least this can put you on the path of recovery that in the relationship you already have. If not, it can be a clear sign that it’s time to end it and move on. To move on, you need to get back in the game. We conducted an affair site test to give you a clear idea of legit sites. Check the Largest Affairs Site Review: Comparison vs. Top Cheating Sites and don’t forget to read Ashley Madison review as well.

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Benefits of Being a Gamer in Live Sex Chats

"Forget gamming, try live cams"

“Forget gamming, try live cams” 

It comes as no surprise that those of us spend most of our time on computers also turn to the Internet for porn. It just so happens that this also is the preferred method of getting off for just about everyone else. While this should come as no surprise to anyone, there are some benefits to be had for those of us who spend more of our lives on a computer than off. Some of it just comes from being more comfortable with how everything is supposed to work, and some of it from being better equipped to handle any difficulties that might arise. Either way, you can expect not only a technical advantage to the rest of the world, but also a social one. Online, after all, is a completely different environment from the rest of the world. People who aren’t familiar with how things work and what is expect of them in this environment just won’t be able to handle themselves quite as well as we can.

Familiarity with Group Chat Environments

"You might already know how to participate in group chats"

“You might already know how to participate in group chats” 

Take, for example, the idea of the chat room. For most people, the extent of their familiarity with other people extends to reviews and ratings of sex cam sites. Even though most people understand generally what a chat room is, it just is not something a lot of people come across in their day to day lives. Thus, when they actually encounter it, often have a period of adjustment involved. Either they think they really get how these things work and just jump right in with all the wrong ideas about the best way to interact with everyone else in the same channel and the model herself, or they hesitate and end up not writing anything at all for the entire time. These are pretty typical reactions for people who are new to something, but since every site is different, a lot of times people end up going through this process over and over again. Since it is something to do with porn in particular, a lot of people tend to feel a lot more self-conscious than normal on top of any other difficulties they might be having. When you roll all this together you get someone who does not get the most of what they paid for either because they did not write anything at all, got lost in the crowd, or banned.

For those of us who game with any frequency at all, however, chat rooms are old hat. Nearly every game has an online element to it and in most cases those online portions involve some sort of public chat, In addition, private messages, and separate groups such as clans, or specific channels such as trade chat come into play in many competitive and multi-player environments. As you probably notice already, chat systems in generally really don’t change all that much from game to game. In fact, they hardly change from site to game and back, either. If you have become familiar with one form of dealing with public channels, whether it’s an MMO or a team shooter, chances are you could not only pick up any other title out there, but also any chat program available on websites or for instant messaging and have an idea of how it should work. In most cases, it’s just a matter of learning the specific commands and key bindings that might change things up.

The end result? Chat rooms are just going to be more comfortable to you than your average Joe. Someone whose hobbies do not include some form of gaming, are generally not going to be spending a lot of time in similar chat environments of any kind. This means live sex chat sites are probably their first time actually having to deal with a public chat scenario. Learning the different commands, and sometimes just being able to keep up with everything is a skill they haven’t cultivated. We, on the other hand, have hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience with this sort of thing. Understanding who is reply to what and being able to keep up with a stream of constant chatter come naturally at this point. Knowing when to say something so it will be noticed, understanding the slang and the references made: all of these things we tend to take for granted whether it’s on sex cam sites or debating the ratings of the newest games in a public channel. The fact that you aren’t lost when you log in works in your favor, so make the most of it!

Typing Quicker than Most Everyone Else

"Let your chat messages stand out in group chat"

“Let your chat messages stand out in group chat” 

Now, obviously, there are going to be some exceptions to this rule, what with the amount of writers and coders in the world, although the later at least tend to also fall into the category of gamers as well. For the most part, however, you can expect your keyboarding abilities to be better than most. This is especially true in the case of Role Playing Games, as there is typically a lot more to say and do with other people while you play those games. However, even people who play competitive MOBAs or shooters when they aren’t with their own team in voice chat tend to have a higher than average typing speed. When you combine this with the fact that so many schools fail to really teach or emphasize typing as something that should really be taught, you come away with a pretty impressive advantage over the next guy that wanders into your favorite live sex cam sites from a blog post with ratings of which ones to try.

When you consider the fact that, outside of private sessions, 100% of your interactions with the model are going to be through chat and that the more popular models have a very quick moving chat, you can start to see the advantages this brings. On top of that, a lot of cam models like to play with their followers. Don’t worry, it’s almost universally in a good way. In this case, we are talking about all of the various different competitions and questions that can be tossed out at any given time on camera. Typically, these rely on your speed in order to influence her or come away with a win. So score some for yourself and take advantage of a typing speed honed from hours of gameplay.

You Probably Already Have Everything You Need Installed

"As a gamer, you'll already have graphic card and other software installed"

“As a gamer, you’ll already have graphic card and other software installed” 

One of the last things people tend to forget about when it comes to finding the best sex cam websites is whether or not your computer will be able to handle the feed or the site. Yes, when you are about to indulge yourself in online video sex, from one of the sites mentioned here:, Then you must check the sex cams online reviews and get your system ready for browsing heavy sex cam sites. While most web designers these days do try to make their sites as accessible as possible, a lot of these sites are not exactly running on huge budgets. Coding is inevitably sacrificed for all but the most well-funded sites. This in turn means it’s pretty common for people to have to download plugins, update drivers, and generally do some tweaking before they can be sure they will be able to watch a stream without any hitches. Fortunately for those of us who game, a lot of this is something we have already done.

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How to Not Be That Guy Women Avoid

Every group has that guy that makes it awkward to have the girlfriends and sends the potential playmates far from reach. If you don’t know who we are talking about, it is probably you. It’s harsh, but it is something to be aware of if you ever want to keep a girl. Of course, if that does not interest you, sticking to Canadian casual dating site reviews can work just as well, proceed at your own desire. Ultimately, however, it comes down to a simple way of presenting yourself. Once you master that, even sticking to hookups alone can benefit. Here are some of the popular sites to meet girls, The Best of the Rest: Top Casual Dating Site Reviews and Rankings. Choose from one of these best casual dating sites and get lucky.

Just because She’s Near You, Doesn’t Mean She’s Comfortable

“Make sure that she is comfortable around you”

On of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming that the women who are near us actually want to be near us. Often, we fail to take into account all the forces that might be keeping her there no matter how uncomfortable she is. That means anything from not wanting to appear rude to there being no where else for her to be at that point in time. While we may be less inclined to stay somewhere we don’t want to be, women have often been brought up on the notion of being polite if not accommodating. This is not just for the sake of manners, either. It is often something of a defense mechanism to try and keep people at bay without flipping a switch that can lead to them being hurt. In other words, they don’t know who out there may be the wrong person to cross and they have been trained not to do anything to find out.

For these reasons, among others, just being in proximity to you does not mean that proximity is welcome. It does not mean you are not making her uncomfortable. It definitely does not mean you have invitation to touch or necessarily look her over and drag her into a conversation she obviously does not want to be in. It can be easy to write off these warnings because, well, you know you mean well. You know you are not going to do something to her and you know well enough that she deserves her personal space just as much as you. That does not, however, mean her closed off body language, stiff spine, or askance look are in any way an overreaction. Be a gentleman and give her the room she needs to feel comfortable if you can. It really is the best option in most cases. If you read her wrong and she does want to be near you, she will close the distance on her own. If not, you have just given her a better opinion of you by way of showing you are not like the men she needs to be wary of. Win/win situations do not happen often, to take advantage where you can.

If it’s Funny because it’s about a Woman, it’s not Funny

“Crude humor about women is not going to work”

Another typical mistake when it comes to scaring women off or just making them generally uncomfortable around you is telling jokes where the punch line revolves around the fact that a woman was involved. This includes blonde, brunette, and redhead jokes as much as it does things about mothers, traditionally feminine jobs, and anything else that you broadly associate with women. Silence is the equivalent of bad Canadian casual dating site reviews. It is not permission to continue. Just because you have told the joke, story or anecdote around women before and did not get told off on the spot, does not mean they were okay with it or even comfortable with you saying it. Soft laughter doesn’t count. A weak smile does not count. There are plenty of ways that women are going to avoid confrontation over things like this. Whether it is because they just don’t feel like its’ wroth causing a raucous, or they don’t want to say anything because they are dating your friend, chances are they are going to respond to things like this by trying to ignore that they happened. Long story short: if the joke is about women in any way, try finding some new material.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

“Don’t go overboard, she might not like it”

This should be pretty straight forward, but we feel it needs to be said regardless. Why? Because many guys we have talked to about this seem to think that if she is not attached to someone, they can give a friendly massage, invade her space, and basically demand physical affection in some way. Putting your hand on her shoulder and insisting on getting her a drink is not gentlemanly. It’s creepy. Straight from their mouths, we promise. Calgary to Quebec, the answer is the same. The creepy guy is always trying to initiate some sort of physical contact and most of the time they just do not know how to push it aside. Mostly, this is due to being so incredibly uncomfortable that they just freeze up. Some of the time, it comes down to not wanting to make a scene over something small. In cases where she does want to hang out with everyone else present, it is a small sacrifice just to move on to the part that she enjoys. Whatever the reasoning, however, assuming that she is completely okay with you touching her without her giving explicit permission is just not something we would put money on.

The thing is, most women list unwanted touching as the number one thing that creeps them out and makes them want to avoid men and the groups they travel in all the more. If your friends ever had girlfriends that stopped showing up after a few times hanging out with everyone, or you find yourself being skipped over for invitations to things where they want to take them, it is time to face facts. They are more comfortable avoiding situations like this than handling them when they arise, and so you will not receive the sort of feedback you think you need to fix this. The fact of the matter is that if she is not returning the gesture, leaning in, or initiating herself that is as blunt as bad Canadian casual dating site reviews. Period. You should not need anything more and expecting it is silly.

Be Responsive to Their Wishes

“If she wants you to back off – Back off!”

Sometimes, however, they will flat out tell you to back off. Frankly, don’t be that guy that tries to talk them out of it. If they say they do not want you touching them, stop. If they say you need to back off, then back off. We have gotten a lot farther with women by backing off and apologizing than we ever had with trying to cajole them into being okay with our presence and our touch feely ways, so take this as the word of experience. If she feels threatened, she is not going to placated by you ignoring her request. She is going to get wound up more and feel vindicated for making it in the first place. If, however, you respond to her request with an apology and immediately back off (the latter here is key), you will find yourself in a far better position.

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Finding the Right Gaming Class for Her

“Get the right game for her and she’ll love it”

Just managing to get her interested in your favorite game is not going to make her suddenly as obsessed with it as you. Nor will it make it more likely for her to even understand why you want to spend so much time playing it or get her to play it with you. The key to keeping her interest it finding her something she is either good at, or she has fun doing just as much as you. Of course, just being good at something does not immediately mean she is having fun, either, so just finding one class or character she happens to be good at playing in a game, especially if it is team based, often won’t be enough to keep her playing. Above all, be willing to try all of the options unless she specifically tells you to back off. Learn some tricks of online pua at Find the best online dating sites with excellent tips to help you out. As with most things we introduce our girlfriends to, time and patience are the most important factors.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master is a Successful Model for a Reason

“Start with something easy”

When you first start any game that has multiple ways of playing through it, really try to find something that matches the easy to learn, hard to master design. This will give her something to start with that makes it comfortable for her to play the game, but also allows her to grow into it, if she decides to stick with a class. An easy to understand class, while a lot less complex overall, allows the player to really enjoy the game foremost rather than investing in how to play it. So start with something easy that allows her to get her feet wet without feeling like she is completely in over her head. Most games have a standard or recommended class for newcomers and sticking with that suggestion, is usually the best choice to make when it comes to making sure she is more focused on having fun than getting the controls perfect.

Start with Pure Classes That have a Clear Design

“Make sure that she enjoys it”

To put it simply, don’t jump straight from Canadian dating site reviews to hybrid play styles. The traditional group roles are strong for a reason. Not only do they allow the game designers to focus their abilities and how the game will evolve around that kind of play, but it also allows the player to focus specifically on one primary tactic. So when you are first introducing someone to a new game, stay away from classes with hybrid playing styles and stick to the simpler, focused guidance of the classic melee, ranged, caster and physical damage classes most games will feature to some extent. No matter how hybridized the game, there will always be classes designed to take damage, give damage, and heal damage. Likewise, there will usually be classes designed to fit those three roles up close or at a distance. When you start meshing anything in those two groups, such as the distances at which you handle things, or what it is you do in a fight, things start getting more complicated and each move becomes less potent. Thus, she will not only have a clear role to direct herself along, but also feel as though she is having less of an effect on the game overall. Neither of which are conducive to having a good time.

Of these choices, we hands down suggest starting with a class designed to deal damage. Especially for people new to games or this one in particular, going for a straight forward damage dealing class is a good way to give them direction without necessarily having to coach them through it step by step. Most people know, whether they have ever played a game before in their life or not, that you are supposed to defeat the other characters on the screen in some way. Having a class designed more around getting that accomplished is going to give them more confidence overall in their gameplay. This, in turn, makes them less likely to become too frustrated with learning the mechanics or being unable to kill things quickly to enjoy the game. When it comes down to it, healers and tanks, generally do not proceed through games of any sort at a quick pace. In addition, even though they are pure roles and generally have straight forward classes, you have to do more to fulfill the fundamental task of defeating enemies. So pick a damage dealer and get her to try that for a bit.

Play to Her Preferences

“She likes to first person shooter games”

Spend at least as much time getting to know her gameplay preferences as you did searching for Canadian dating site reviews and you should be capable of figuring out what she prefers to play and what she just is not going to like. This starts with a very basic question of distance. Did you meet her jumping head first into the Winnipeg nightlife? Does she always seem to be very up front, energetic, or just generally in your face about things? Give her a melee character. Chances are, she is going to expect her characters to get up close to whatever the mess is that she has to wade through and staying at a distance is just going to frustrate her. Finding a straight forward melee damage dealer in most games should be very easy. They tend to be one of the first characters available, if you have to unlock things, and very straight forward to people who have never played the game before.

If, however, she is frequently confused by where her character is, out of the masses on the screen, or has already played other games and knows she prefers to stay at a distance, then go for a ranged damage dealer. Casters should really only be selected when you know for a fact that she has a tendency to play them. Just like comparing Canadian dating site reviews to find the best website, you can expect a preferences from casters to only come from someone who has played their fair share of games beforehand. In most cases, even if she seems to prefer her distance in day to day life and likes to analyze situations before getting involved, giving her a ranged damage dealer should be kept to physical damage that includes a lot of basic attacks and not a lot of cool downs. This maintains the idea of the easy to learn class while still giving her something she enjoys playing.

Encourage Her to Try Different Classes

For a lot of people, trying a new game that someone else wants to play with you can be more stressful than enjoyable. Especially if it is a team game that they want you to have a basic level of competency in. That is why we really emphasize the importance of sticking to something she actually enjoys playing, and making sure she tries all of the options before settling on something. Unless she really dislikes the class she started on, chances are she is going to want to stick what is now familiar without a little push to find the class she really enjoys playing. So give her that push and make sure she lands with a character she actually enjoys.

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What’s In The New High-Def Reader Kobo Aura – Hot Or Not?

There has been a lot of noise about the New Kobo Aura HD; some of them are great and some are not so much. The ebook reader offers a lot of wonderful features but most are taken aback of its price wondering if Aura HDs good will compensate its bad. And with its market price, a lot of consumers are really thinking if it’s worth every penny that they will spend. But one thing is for sure, the idea of reading with Kobo Aura HD is so beautiful and it pains most consumers who love reading ebook so much not to try it out.

What’s in Kobo Aura HD?

Malcolm Neil, Kobo’s Director of Content Acquisition and Publisher Relations for the Asia Pacific told me that the Aura HD was a device with limited availability which was made specifically to fit the needs of the most voracious ebook readers.



People who will be able to appreciate Aura HD the most are the ebook fanatics. If you are the one who reads ebooks voraciously, then you will certainly appreciate how Aura HD’s was made. First off is its large 6”8’ screen that has better display and has great light. The screen is Aura HD’s best part with its resolution of 265 dpi; it’s the market highest thus far. That is why the text it can display is very crisp. Another great about its larger screen is that flipping pages all too often is eliminated. Most would say that that is the most important thing for ebook readers should provide.

Battery life is long lasting, or so boasted Kobo. It is specifically designed for long travels. Reading in the dark is not a pain too with Aura HD. It has a very nice lighting that is evenly distributed throughout its screen. You can also turn the on or off any time you want as there is a button dedicated for it next to the red power at the top. Light intensity can be adjusted too so you can fix it to the intensity that is most comfortable for your eyes to read.

What’s in Kobo Aura HD that is not so hot?

With the Aura HD’s screed resolution of 1440 by 1080, readers wearing eyeglasses or prescription contact lenses will have no trouble reading the sharper text, this much is true. But with its larger screen comes great weight of 240 gm as compared to usual ebook reader’s 185gm. This made it harder to hold on one hand comfortably. Even with its grooves on the back to help you hold it better, in the long run, your hand will go numb holding it up while reading.

For Kobo, today was the day the Toronto-based company had its latest e-reader

For Kobo, today was the day the Toronto-based company had its latest e-reader

Some say they don’t like the Aura HD general look – it looks so “plasticky”. The sliders for the power and light which are colored red and white respectively doesn’t look so nice or futuristically metallic that is often peg to new gadgets design today. There is somewhat lacking in design here. The Kobo seemed to cost cut sacrificing the home button.

So how is Kobo Aura HD faring?

The high definition Kobo Aura HD, in fairness, delivered what it promised to the dot, high definition. Its aim is to provide the readers a better reading experience, on the eyes. So what if it is hard to hold for a long time? So what if it lacks navigation? And so what if its packaging does not please some people eyes? The thing was that it is a reader after all and as of now, it provides the best screen resolution in the market and that should make it the best ebook reader out there, or is it?

The thing is that, consumers are quite demanding, they would also like to have something that is comfortable to use and a gadget they can display. The extra weight and size of Aura HD negates the amazing screen features. And it would have not mattered so much if it were not for its price tag. Perhaps, Kobo will do better next time. Same screed features, same size but lighter and with home button? And adding up some metallic or chic packaging, then its present price tag won’t turn some consumer so much. As of right now, if it were not for its screen, it won’t really sell. But hey, it is, as Kobo said, made for reading ebook after all. And as a reader, it truly did rock.

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3 Unique Ways to Pop the Question and Get a ‘Yes’!

Proposals are like auditions tapes for singing or dancing contests – it has to be unique and wonderfully done. You just can’t buy an engagement ring and pop the question that fast. It needs directing and really careful planning. You wouldn’t want to get rejected. Opt for fun and memorable proposal. Here are 3 original ideas you might want to give a try:

1. Memory Lane Play Proposal

A great intro for a proposal is a play. What better story to tell than how you two first met. Have some friends help you out on staging a play about your first date. Try to remember memorable lines and have them put on the same clothes you wore that day on your first date.

Once you’ve settled down on the spot, it’s time for the show to begin. Watch as your partner looks in awe and amazement on the familiarity of the scene. Prepare a sweet speech for him or her after the little play, and pop the question.

The Outdoorsy Couple: The Best Way to Pop the Question

The Outdoorsy Couple: The Best Way to Pop the Question

2. Puzzle Board Proposal

We all miss our childhood days and especially the jigsaw puzzles. This customized puzzle board game proposal will definitely be a memorable way of asking someone’s hand in marriage – and will have your partner gushing in approval.

Start by taking a picture of yourself holding a sign that says, ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ and have that converted into a giant puzzle of 15 – 20 pieces. Keep the last piece that has the sign that you’re holding in it. When your partner notices the puzzle game is missing a piece, you go ahead – and be cheesy with this one – and say, “I AM THE MISSING PIECE” and put the missing piece on the board. It’s totally fun and romantic.

3. Post-it Proposal

This type of proposal will need a lot of work but is also as fun as the second proposal idea. Buy at least 15 dozens of post-its, get them in different colors, and make sure to have a Sharpie ready. On each post-it paper, write one reason why you love your partner. When you’re done, post the paper anywhere on the walls of the room and do this for every piece until you cover the whole room.

10 Most Romantic Ways to Propose | Relationships

10 Most Romantic Ways to Propose | Relationships

Get a big jar and write the instructions on it. It should go as ‘pull and `read every note in the room and put them inside the jar’. Watch as she or he laughs, smiles, and shed tears reading your notes while hiding in the closet. Once the last note is off, jump out of the closet with one last note on your heart saying “Because you’re the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” And then pop the question. Oh, and don’t forget the ring. That sounded fun and sweet right?

Also, remember to do this only when your partner’s in a good mood. You wouldn’t want to go home broken hearted and traumatized. Carefully plan every step – and finally tie the knot with your lovely partner.

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5 Super Foods Your Kids Should Eat

Kids are developing their bodies. As they grow, they should be given the right nutrients in order to be healthy and strong as an adult, even to their senior years. Thus, dietary needs of children are different from that of adults. If adults need them, children need them more. Also, it is better to train the children to eat healthy foods as early as they can eat so that they will be used to them as they grow up. Those who think otherwise reach the point when they can no longer let them because the resistance from the kids are greater than the will power of the parents to feed them right. As those kids grow into adulthood, the more it is difficult for them to change the habit. It will usually take a debilitating ailment before they change their minds, but then, it is usually too late. Besides, being used to natural healthy lifestyle, there is no need to take supplements which can still harm the liver and kidneys because they are synthetic.

Sweet potato, especially the purple kind

The purple sweet potato is not only a good source of carbohydrates but it has also vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber, fat, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Its anthocyanin acts as an antioxidant that allows blood to flow smoothly. Its beta-carotene prevents various heart diseases. The fiber and pectin prevents hemorrhoids, constipation and colon cancer. It is also antibacterial and it protects the liver. Its antibacterial and antioxidant activity is 2-3 times higher than that of several blueberry varieties.

Have you been trying to get your kids to eat healthier?

Have you been trying to get your kids to eat healthier?

Beans are friendly to your colon

Beans are fibrous. Despite not being complete protein, its incompleteness is what gives the health benefits such as the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, the ability to improve blood glucose control for diabetics, reduce the risk of many types of cancers, and the ability to regulate colon function which prevents constipation and other bowel problems. To make it complete protein, eat with brown rice, nuts, wheat, corn or seeds.

Eggs keep your heart alive

Eggs have been one of the misunderstood natural foods. It turns out, eggs are great for the eyes because of the lutein and zeaxanthin, which are easier to get from eggs than from other sources. The risk of having cataracts is lowered. It is also the cheapest source of protein having 9 essential amino acids and 6 grams of high-quality protein. Contrary to popular belief, consuming eggs is not the reason why people have heart disease. In fact, it can prevent blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. It is a good source of choline which helps regulate the brain and nervous system and if you lack vitamin D, eggs will give you a natural supply.

Tuna is good for the brain

The omega-3 fatty acids help the cardiovascular system, lowering the triglyceride levels. Chances of sudden death or arrhythmia will be reduced. It is also protecting against macular degeneration and different types of cancer. Tuna eaters are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease because of the healthy blood supply to the brain. It boosts the mood, reduces the possibility of being obese due to metabolism stimulated, and improves insulin response.

Should kids eat the same food as their parents?

Should kids eat the same food as their parents?

Dark green and deep orange vegetablesare sources of micro nutrients

Vegetables are a great source of micro nutrients. It means the body can readily absorb them. Choosing dark green and deep orange vegetables are like getting the best of the best supply of vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber and a lot more other nutrients which supplements cannot supply enough.


Supplying the healthy foods to a human being starts as early as the kid can eat solid foods. Make the child get used to such foods so that when he/he grows up, he/she will not depart from it.

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Essential Elements in Finding the Right Financial Planner

Going with a certified financial planner (CFP) is a sign of a credible deal. A CFP has financial education, passed the rigorous test on personal finance specifics, and is licensed as such. CFPs are committed to continuing education and classes on ethics to uphold their designation. However, even this most significant credential is not a guarantee as even exam passers may come out short of competitive skills.

The Fundamentals of Getting the Right CFP Revealed

As a start, ask colleagues for a successful experience with a CFP and verify with pertinent associations for more leads.

  • Look into the pay structure. The best fit for a starter with few assets and fairly simple needs is a CFP who charges who charges hourly. Typically, he is careful in getting the finances right in order to build his practice and likewise rely on recommendations for business growth. Experienced advisers doing hourly work enjoy assisting young clients who cannot pay more. Commission-based planner may lead you in a direction more favorable to him like pushing mutual funds where he gets a cut. Fee-based advisers do best but are not always perfect. They may conceal advantages over real property acquisition or investment liquidation only to keep up with their percentage earnings.

Finding The Right Financial Planner – What Do You Look For?

Finding The Right Financial Planner – What Do You Look For?

  • Go for a fiduciary CFP. Go over the code of ethics adhered to by the CFP. The best interest of a client is a pledge by a fiduciary CFP rather than just the sustainability standard. This less standard service merely sells what is suitable rather than what is ideal.

  • Do abackground check. Veer away if the CFP has been a crime convict or simply subjected to investigation by any regulatory body even if not found guilty. Ask for at least three client references matching your goals and financial status.

  • Ensure current credentials. Access the internet for information on the discipline records and the administrator of the designation. Contact him for verification of the validity of the credential.

  • Watch out for market-beating claims. Only few people outperform the market and most likely, the CFP you are confronted with is not. Walk away if he makes such guarantee. He definitely is willing to risk what you will not.

Red Flags to Avoid in Hiring a CFP

Determining whether a planner is reputable is difficult than finding out whether he is not.

  • He is not certified. Many good planners are not certified but there is nothing better than working with a CFP.

  • He is not charging any fee. Commission-based planners claim free service but you are actually paying through commissions on investments they choose.

right financial planner, who can offer advice on topics

right financial planner, who can offer advice on topics

  • He claims the ability to outperform the market. Some apt managers are apt to get investment returns better than market average but they are rare. The pursuit of high returns is a guarantee of a high risk.

  • He does not care about your financial goals. Monetary issues are personal and your adviser must first understand your priorities.

  • His style of management make you feel uncomfortable. Financial planning is about the CFP managing with you rather than managing for you. You decide his limits and any distress must be brought up immediately.

Analyzing the Need for a Financial Planner

Money management may be done alone as you would a simple car repair. The brilliant idea of doing things yourself is simply a flawed pursuit to several people in terms of time and effort. In fact, it takes enormous research and long hours of learning to master personal finance.

As time goes by and you get old and hopefully, wealthier, financial options and goals get complex. This is when certified financial planners should play a role in savings, investment and money growth. They assist in undertaking financial goals from rendering a comprehensive view of your finances to preparing you for a real estate purchase to interplay of assets. There is a specialist for you whether it is a plan for retirement, estate, or a range of economic issues.

CFPs instill discipline in strategies and presses for necessary moves. Procrastinating costs a lot of money in the end and discards unrealized potential that it pays having someone staying beside you.

Personal finance advices, establishing a comfortable retirement, saving for a child’s college, or choosing right mortgage helping you manage your money is well worth one percent of your assets for the year.

A right certified planner for you goes more than investments and promises good advices across arrays of finance matters rather than a promise of beating the market. They get to the inside of your portfolio and takes interest in your willingness to take the risk, your time perspective, and your goals. A planner of reputation and worth of trust is not an easy choice but is certainly a great part of financial management. Choose wisely.

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What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund Money?


Did you say you have just received your tax refund money? Well, you should be a happy person. What on earth do you plan to do with the money? Most of those who receive tax refund spend it foolishly by taking lavish vacations. Making such decisions is no wrong but that should not take the first priority. In fact, there are plenty of better things that we can do with the money. Regardless of whether the money is from a lottery or a tax refund, you should always bear in mind that spending the money wisely will add up to our financial stability.

How best can you invest your tax refund money?

1. Start a business

Starting or expanding an existing business is a form of investment. If you have always thought of starting a business, it is important to consider using the tax refund money as the seed money. This is because you will have all the time to manage the business until it is grown before you can be told to repay. In other words, you need not worry about repaying the start-up capital because the capital has been supplied by you -the owner.

BYE-BYE baby bonus

BYE-BYE baby bonus

2. Buy savings bonds

You can also buy savings bonds using your tax refund money. With time, the amount of return that you will earn will double.

3. Get closer to your retirement goals

It is good to plan for our future. Take some of all of your refunds and direct it towards your own retirement goals. After all, we should all understand that our retirement is an ultimate financial goal. On the other hand, if you have never thought of setting up a retirement plan, it is never too early to get started. In fact, the earlier the better and therefore this is the right time to inquire about profitable investment vehicles.

4. Build up an emergency fund.

Most of us wind up in debts simply because we do not have emergency funds. Without an emergency fund, we are most likely to find ourselves in situations that we have never planned for. It is always good to get prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by setting up emergency funds. This will ensure that we do not strain ourselves by going for remedies like loans.

What will you do with your Tax Refund?

What will you do with your Tax Refund?

5. Check the status of your debt.

Life is full of challenges and in most cases; we are tempted to borrow money. Honestly, all of us have some form of debts. Having received the tax refund, it is a high time to consider the status of the debt. See if you can settle some of the debts. Sometimes, it pays to settle debts in time because we will evade costs like penalties and interests. By settling debts in time, we will be headed straight towards achieving our financial goals.

In conclusion, it should always be remembered that tax refunds is a form of earning that should be spent wisely. Even though it is earned without putting much effort, it does not mean it should be spent lavishly. We should always set our priorities right.

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